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    • IronPharm launches its forum - ask now

      IronPharm launches its forum - ask now

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    • November 20% OFF from IronPharm for Kalpa Pharmaceuticals.

      November 20% OFF from IronPharm for Kalpa Pharmaceuticals.

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    • Kalpa Pharmaceuticals - new lab is for sale

      Kalpa Pharmaceuticals - new lab is for sale

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    • Kalpa Pharmaceuticals vials in stock!

      Kalpa Pharmaceuticals vials in stock! Get them now.

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    • HGH Hygetropin is back in stock!

      Faster your order faster you will get it.

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    • HCG is back in stock in 5000IU's and 1000IU's

      IronPharm got in stock HCG, take it to maintain testicles function.

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    • August Freebies from IronPharm.Com

      August Freebies from IronPharm.Com Free 10ml vial of testosterone enanthate from kalpa pharmaceuticals

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  • faq

  • 1.Why Should I trust you? You may be scammers.

    Tes, we are a new site for you and you may have reasons to not trust us, this is normal, but you are not the only one cutomer we have.

    Here are the steps you may verify our reliability:

    a.Register on one of related to us forums - hypermuscles.com and interact with members to ask their opinions and experience with us.(This may not bring any results as we are a new site and some of influent members haven't heard of us so you should try the next steps).

    b.We are official resellers of such manufacturers like Geneza Pharmaceuticals and Sciroxx, so you may follow these links:



    **Please try inputting different ways - including "www" and excluding it.

    c.Finally you may just try us, we don;t have minimal order amount, so you may order one syringe and we'll deliver it to you, just give us a try.

    Be sure we don't want to loose our reputation and your satisfaction with our service will bring us more money than scamming people.

    2.How to place an order.

    1.You should be registered on our site, so please follow this link and create only one account on our site:http://ironpharm.com/join/ and fill all the forms correctly.

    2.Log in, explore the site.

    3.Find the products you need and click "Buy Now"

    4.If you need more products to be ordered then click on "Continue Shopping", if you need to create the order then click "Order Now".(By Clicking on "Update Shopping cart" the selected products will be stored in your shopping cart memory and you'll be able to create another order another time when you need this)

    5.Once clicking on "Order Now" a list of conditions will be displayed, please read them and if you agree then accept them all and click on "Continue".

    6.Shipping address fields will be displayed - fill in your real shipping address. No fake addresses allowed.Click on "Continue" button after you filled all the fields.

    7.Your order content and the shipping address appeared, please check all them once again and if it is alright, then click "Continue"

    8.Your order is created, it is is in our database from now on, so you need to pay for it. Please click on "Payment information" to get payment details.

    9.Choose the payment method you'd like to use and click "Continue".

    10.If you have questions about any of available payment methods create a ticket.

    3.What is the minimum order amount?

    We don;t have such a limit, you may order whatever you want in any amounts you want.

    4.What type of delivery do you provide?

    All our packages are shipped internationally via EMS regular mail.

    5.What is the average arrival time?

    In order a package is arriving in 8-15 days.

    6.Will I have to sign for the package when it arrives?

    In order we are sending packages with the signature waived but there are some cases when it is impossible and customers have to sign for the package.

    But there is nothing to get worried about , the packing is very discreet so the postman and nobody else can't know what is in the package.So you may go and pick it up with no worries.

    7.Is the shipping trackable?

    Yes it is, most of packages have tracking numbers and you may see them from your order history.

    8.My package is late, what should I do?

    You shouldn't get worried if the delay is less than 15 days over the expected date. if it is late for a longer time than this time frame, please contact us and report.

    9.What if my package doesn't arrive?

    Please read the terms and conditions, we are reshipping them all according to a special policy, anyway you should contact us.

    10.What do you use for packing?

    This is a part of our security policy and we can;t tell you, but believe us the packing is more than discreet and the cases of seizure are unique.

    11.Where are you located?

    We are shipping from 5 countries of Europe but we can;t tell you exactly as this is also a part of our security policy.

    12.My package is semi-shipped, what is this?

    That means that one part of the order has been shipped but another one is still being processed, so you should give it up to 48 hours to be shipped, this is normal, don;t worry.

    15.Do you offer discounts?

    yes of course we do, we do have bulk offers and a discount system. If you place an order larger than 1000, 1500, 2000 dollars, please contact us and we'll remake the pricing for you.


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